In the last few years six calendars have been created based on photography of Peter Ruting. For all calendars shown here, Peter Ruting received the Kodak European Calendar Award. The calendars were also highly awarded in Japan, the United States, Switzerland and Germany. The last calendar project was for the year 2000, called 'Journey into the Future'.

Déjà vu, Japan Verkerke, the Netherlands     Zanders, Germany

Winterthur, the Netherlands Sinar, Switzerland   Journey into the Future

The Millennium calendar: "Journey into the Future"
On the threshold of the new millennium, many people felt they were about to embark on a journey into a future that promised undreamed of new possibilities and offered hope for a better world.

Peter Ruting drew inspiration from the elements and symbols that he felt were strongly related to this journey beyond 2000. He captured the feeling of the journey’s romance and uncertainties in seven photos that made up a unique calendar.