Expert opinion
by Stuart Bennett

Stuart Bennett wrote about Peter Ruting in his book "How to Buy Photographs":

"Anyone offering advice on collecting modern or living photographers may as well confess at once to subjectivity. My own taste is for fashion photography and still lifes, and while my favorite photograph in this chapter is Hoyningen-Huene's "Divers", I think the most beautiful one is maybe Peter Ruting's "Eight Bottles". But if I had to say what I think is the most "important" photograph shown in the chapter I would probably suggest William Eggleston's "Picture of Elvis with Kennedy Book", and for the most elegant photographic craftsmanship I would not hesitate in choosing Robert Mapplethorpe's "Ken Moody-1983".
Source: chapter 4, Modern Photography.

Eight Bottles is still available

One of the most famous picture of Peter Ruting is still available.
Of the C-Print only 3 of the signed limited edition of 55 are floating free. The larger Gyclee prints of the signed limited edition of 7 are seen in the market every now and then.

About Stuart Bennett
Stuart Bennett is author of the Phaidon / Christie's guide "How to Buy Photographs", published in 1978 (ISBN 0-7148-8036-1). He developed specialized sales of photographs at Sotheby's New York in 1974, and was afterwards head of the photographic department and an auctioneer at Christie's in London. In 1980 he established his own antiquarian book business and is now based in Bath. In addition to "How to Buy Photographs", Stuart Bennett has published articles on photography in a number of journals on both sides of the Atlantic, and is presently associate editor of the Antiquarian Book Monthly Review.